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Tips for talking with a mask on

Whether you’re back in the office, or taking a call while out running errands – you might have recently experienced talking on the phone while wearing a mask.

Chances are it was a struggle to be heard. So how can you create a better experience for both yourself and the person on the other end while staying safe by keeping your mask on?

We asked our speech therapists for some tips:

  • Speak clearly – be mindful of how you’re pronouncing your words. Even over-pronounce your words if you think that would be helpful to your listener.
  • Speak a little louder – you don’t need to yell, but increasing your volume will help since you are talking through a barrier.
  • Slow down while talking – you might end up spending less time on the phone if you aren’t asked to repeat what you said.

And if you’re the listener – remember to practice patience. We’re all in this together and trying to do the best we can with things that are new to us.