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A Widow's Warning

“It breaks my heart to hear how many people get together.”

The reality of it hit Crystal Marquez hard. Her husband, Joey Marquez, won't be around to celebrate Christmas with her and their five children.

Last month, Crystal was being treated for COVID-19 at Truman Medical Centers/University Health when family told her an ambulance was rushing her husband to the E.R..

COVID-19 took Joey Marquez’s life.

Now Crystal, mom to 12-year-old Kirra, 10-year-old Khloe, 7-year-old Xavier, 4-year-old Xander, and 6-month-old Ezra, is sharing her family’s story. Crystal works as a hair stylist. And while trimming and buzzing, she’s been quiet, listening to clients talk about going out and getting together with friends, in spite of a global pandemic. She worries another family will have to suffer the pain her family feels. “This is serious,” she said. “I want to let people know because it just breaks my heart how many people get together.”

Crystal is recovering from COVID-19 as her children begin to heal the heartbreak of losing their dad.

As for her advice on holiday gatherings, she hopes her family’s story will make them think twice, “You’ll have time to see them again,” said Crystal.