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Gift ideas that’ll make you mom’s favorite

  1. Healthy breakfast in bed. Check out these recipes from for apple coffee cake (yum) and oatmeal pecan waffles (yes, please).
  2. Take a walk with mom. Set a time or distance goal. Gifting her a new water bottle will ensure she stays hydrated.
  3. Channel your inner Van Gogh. Mix your art skills with a meaningful message to make mom’s day.
  4. Hit a local farmer’s market. Then clean, chop, and refrigerate fresh fruits and veggies so mom has handy, healthy snacks all week.
  5. Ask your grandparents, aunts and uncles for their favorite family recipes. Neatly write them on index cards and tie with a sweet, simple bow
  6. Read anything good lately? Gather your girlfriends and their moms for a monthly book club.
  7. Ask your mom’s friends and family to email you a paragraph or two about how your mom has positively impacted their lives. Print out the emails and let your mom bask in the love.
  8. Take mom to get the COVID 19 vaccine. It’s easy. You can stop by without an appointment to our two hospital locations Monday-Friday, 7am-2pm.