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Don't give up!

By Stacia Smith, WIC participant

Before you give up please reach out to the wonderful team at TMC Lakewood and the WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) office. I know, I almost gave up myself. My story starts very similar to many other moms out there whether it’s your first or fifth child. My daughter was born and the new love connection is so strong and you feel like you can do anything for this new life! This is not my first born, however, first one to be lucky enough to nurse. The first day in the hospital had its ups and downs when it came to her latching on and eating properly. We were released a little over 24 hours after birth and headed home with a happy addition to the family.

The hours to follow increased in difficulty for the both of us as the baby would not latch properly which led to inconsolable crying. I tried everything!!! You name it we tried it. I watched hours of YouTube videos trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. It was the morning of the second day at home when my husband woke that I truly felt we could not achieve nursing. After talking, crying and discussing options I decided to reach out to any resource available to me. My first thought was to contact my local WIC office as the BFBC (Breastfeeding Peer Counselor) had been in contact with me via phone in the months leading up to my daughter’s birth. At 8 a.m. that Monday morning I called and spoke with Sam, a WIC Dietitian. Sam was very understanding and talked me off my “ledge” reassuring me that as soon as the BFPC arrived she will contact me. Without much wait I was contacted back by the BFPC named MC from my local WIC office. MC was currently at the TMC Lakewood facility and told me to come in that afternoon to see her.

We loaded up and headed straight there thinking it wouldn’t work and was a waste of time but, I just didn’t want to give up. Upon arrival MC immediately went into action knowing the pain, stress and feelings of failure I was experiencing. With all defeat pouring out of me MC knew just what we needed, calling in for support from the LC in the hospital. Charlene arrived to assist with MC and I cannot stress this part enough. The women in that department will give it all to show their true compassion for mothers in need of that reassuring voice. The confidence they show is infectious. Those two women helped me begin to feel confident that maybe I could do this, maybe we can do this. It was not easy as we worked for over two hours to make sure she would latch properly, as well as some tips and tricks that all struggling new mothers need to hear.

Since that day we have been going strong and now have no issues latching! If it wasn’t for the immediate action, the pure compassion and true dedication of the lactation team we would not be in such a happy and healthy state. I couldn’t ask for a better overall experience from all the staff in a very difficult time for the healthcare industry. Before you give up reach out for help and remember the ones that believe in you! If we can have this success story then so can any mother out there going through this! Stay strong moms!

“Breastfeeding might be a skill but its also a skill to be learned and a tough one at that.”

“Don’t give up on your worst day”

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