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COVID fatigue and how you can fight it

By Kreasha Williams, Projects Coordinator, Center for Trauma Informed Innovation

There are times when we are frustrated and overwhelmed having to do things a new way. Having to learn a new way of functioning in the world can create increased stress or anxiety. Wearing a mask on every time you’re in public is just one example. There are times when we have a tendency to become comfortable and too familiar with a process, such as quarantine, causing us to lose sight of what’s important leading us to let our guard down. These are all valid feelings and contribute to COVID fatigue. But we can’t let those feelings take over, because COVID-19 is still a major health concern.

Let’s remember to practice self-care by:

Exercise- any form pf exercise releases endorphins and gets some of the adrenaline out when the frustration builds up. FUN CHALLENGE: Get out and get moving

Talking- finding the appropriate and trusted support to express how you’re feeling; ignoring the way you’re feeling does not make it go away. FUN CHALLENGE: Find a trusted source and let it out!

Constructive Thinking- We can’t change our current COVID situation but we can adjust our thinking. FUN CHALLENGE: be compassionate with yourself and others and remind yourself, we are doing the best we can to stay safe.

Mindfulness and gratitude – try to be present in the moment, “I’m right here, and right now I am breathing and looking around.” We put ourselves through a lot of unnecessary misery thinking about what is to come or ruminating about the past. For now, let’s just take it day by day. FUN CHALLENGE: find one thing that is positive about your day and share it with someone.

Let’s recommit together:

I, __(enter your name here)__ promise to value my life and respect those around me by wearing a mask, washing and sanitizing my hands often, practice social distancing and staying away from others when sick. Today I recommit to be safety, and I strive to be healthy not only for loved ones and those around me; most importantly, ME!