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University Health FAQs

We are now University Health: New name, same high-quality care

We are changing our name from Truman Medical Centers to University Health to reflect our commitment to patient care, and highlight our role as an academic medical center.

This healthcare system has a long, proud history as Kansas City’s essential hospital. Our team remains dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients, whether those patients have top-notch health insurance or no insurance at all.

As we rebrand to University Health, please remain engaged in your healthcare. Continue to get to know your providers, offer feedback in our surveys, and read the patient communication texted to your phone and emailed to your inbox.

We appreciate your trust in us with your health and wellness.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Will I be able to see my same physician?

A: Yes, as University Health, the same dedicated professionals will continue to provide the best academic medical care for all.

Q: What is academic medicine?

A: The name University Health will better tie our academic mission to the community. Most people do not recognize that we are an academic medical center. University Health is a primary teaching hospital for the University of Missouri - Kansas City Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry.

Academic medicine offers the very best patient care. We get to hire the best physicians and other healthcare professionals; take part in and have access to the latest research; handle the toughest cases – which makes us better prepared to handle ALL cases; provide a higher level of care; and, take a team approach to medicine, which is a winning combination for our patients.

Q: Will all the clinics change names?

The main hospital at the downtown campus (2301 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO 64108) is now University Health Truman Medical Center.

The Lakewood Campus (7900 Lee’s Summit Road, Kansas City MO 64139) is now University Health Lakewood Medical Center.

University Health 1 (2101 Charlotte, Kansas City, MO 64108) is a specialty clinic and outpatient surgery center.

University Health 2 (2211 Charlotte, Kansas City, MO 64108) is women’s health and primary care.

TMC Behavioral Health is now University Health Behavioral Health

Q: Will the website address change?

A: Starting October 1, 2021, you will find us online at However, do not worry. If you go to, you will be redirected to the new site.

Q: What will my billing look like?

A: Your bill will reflect services performed by University Health Truman Medical Center or University Health Lakewood Medical Center.

Q: Will University Health remain committed to caring for patients without insurance or resources?

A: Yes. University Health continues our legacy of caring for everyone in Kansas City. If you have limited resources, we ask that you visit Financial Counseling at one of our two main campuses. In addition, you may use our online resource to determine if you qualify for financial assistance. Click here to learn more about and apply for financial help.

Q: Will I need to revisit financial counseling? Will the purple card and gold card discount remain in place?

No, you do not need to revisit financial counseling. The name change to University Health will not affect your gold or purple discount cards. However, due to changes in Missouri with Medicaid expansion, you will be required to apply for Medicaid. To schedule an appointment with a University Health Financial Counselor, call (816) 404-3040.

Q: What is the history of this medical center leading up to University Health?

A: General Hospital was first opened in Kansas City, Missouri in 1908. In 1930, a hospital was built for people of color and named General No. 2. The hospitals merged in 1957, forming a facility that later became the teaching hospital for the new University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Medical School.

The roots of TMC Lakewood go back to the mid-1880s, when Jackson County purchased a large farm for the purpose of caring for those who could no longer care for themselves that was called the Jackson County Home for the Aged and Infirmed.

In 1928, Harry S. Truman, then presiding judge of the Jackson County Court, campaigned for and saw passage of a bond issue that led to construction of the Rural Jackson County Emergency Hospital on the grounds of the farm. In the 1970s TMC and UMKC School of Medicine were established and joined with the old county hospital.

In 1976, the hospitals were re-christened Truman Medical Centers, honoring former President Truman and his efforts to help reform healthcare.

The renaming of University Health follows the evolution, reflecting where we are now. As we enter a new era as University Health, we will continue to strengthen our position as a valued, compassionate, and essential healthcare provider to the people of Kansas City.

Q: Why change to University Health now?

A: We are not the same health system we were 20, 15, or even 10 years ago. We have invested a lot in improving the health of ALL area residents, including building state-of-the-art facilities to match our expertise. It is important to redefine who we are, not just for those who’ve never been here, but for our own patients, so they can feel good about having made the right choice.

Local surveys show people want to go to an academic medical center, but they think the only one in town is on the other side of the state line. While we have always been an academic medical center through our partnership with UMKC, the fact needs to be clearly stated to the community.