Stay Connected With Our Patient Portal

Perhaps now, more than ever, is a great time to sign up for the TMC/UH Patient Portal, called MyTruHealth. The portal works just like email, except it’s secure and meets federal privacy laws. Besides allowing you to email back and forth with your provider, it also allows you to access your lab results, read clinical notes, and ask your doc for refills.

Carlie Nikel, PsyD, sees patients in the Lakewood Family Medicine clinics as part of a program to bring together physical and behavioral health. Dr. Nikel encourages her patients to enroll in the free portal program, “Signing up allows patients to have more direct access to the people on their care team, so that we can be more readily available to answer questions, reschedule an appointment, or so that we can be in touch.”

If you are going online to look to read about a condition or symptoms, our doctors recommend you stick to reputable sites like the Centers for Disease Control, which offers evidence backed advice in multiple languages.


To sign up for MyTruHealth, our patient portal, click here.

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