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People aren't always comfortable talking about urinary problems, prostate disease or sexual dysfunction. But you can trust your concerns with the urologists at Truman Medical Centers/University Health. We're experts in diagnosing and treating the special urological health needs of both men and women.

Our urologists are board-certified, and they have undergone additional training in male urinary reconstruction, female incontinence, genitourinary trauma and genitourinary oncology.

Conditions our urologists treat

We have extensive experience treating a wide range of urologic conditions, such as:

  • Diseases of the male genitalia.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Genitourinary cancers, such as cancer of the kidney, bladder and prostate.
  • Incontinence issues in men and women.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Overactive bladder in men and women.
  • Prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Urinary difficulties.
  • Urinary tract infections.

We use the most advanced technology in our urology clinic. Treatments and procedures we provide include:

  • Catheter evaluation and care.
  • Cystoscopy to view the inner lining of the bladder and urethra.
  • Lithotripsy to break up stones in the kidneys and ureters.
  • Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, or PTNS, to treat overactive bladder.
  • Urodynamic testing to assess bladder function.

Learn more about our urology services

You don't need a referral to be seen in our urologic clinic. To make an appointment, call 816.404.4400.