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Hepatobiliary (HPB) treatment

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or another liver, pancreas and biliary system disease, we can provide you highly specialized care at Truman Medical Center Health Sciences District (TMC HSD).

Liver, pancreas and biliary disorders are often referred to as hepatobiliary and pancreas (HPB) diseases. We have a special program that consists of experts who treat HPB disorders.

Advanced HPB surgery

We are the only clinic of its kind in the Kansas City area that uses the NanoKnife to treat HPB, such as pancreatic cancer.

NanoKnife is a surgical ablation procedure that destroys specific tissues without harming nearby structures. It may provide new options for people who are in a more advanced stage of their disease. With NanoKnife, people whose condition was once thought untreatable have a chance to undergo safe and effective surgery.

Our expert HPB surgeon

Board-certified surgeon Benjamin Johnston, MD, provides HPB treatments at TMC HSD. Dr. Johnston is fellowship trained in hepatobiliary and pancreas diseases.

He is also an expert in advanced minimally invasive treatments, which can take less time to recover from than traditional procedures.

Our team approach

We treat liver, pancreas and biliary system problems as a team. This means a group of specialists will work together to provide you with customized care.

You might meet with these experts at the same time. This is called a combined office visit. This team approach can enhance your care and may cut down on the number of office visits you need to attend during treatment.

In addition to Dr. Johnston, the members of the HPB treatment team may include experts in cancer and digestive diseases.

How to make an appointment

You will need a doctor's referral to receive care from our HPB team. Please call 816.404.0099 to learn more or to make an appointment.