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Lactation services

The decision to breastfeed is a personal one, but breastfeeding provides numerous benefits for you and your baby. As an accredited Baby Friendly organization, Truman Medical Centers/University Health is committed to encouraging exclusive breastfeeding as the ideal method for feeding and nurturing infants.

We offer extensive breastfeeding education before and after you give birth, and we are available to help even after you take your baby home.

Breastfeeding classes

Our free Breastfeeding Basics class at the Truman Medical Center (TMC) Lakewood Family Birthplace teaches pregnant moms the benefits of breastfeeding and what to expect during baby's first days. Breastfeeding Basics welcomes new moms as well as returning moms who feel they need a refresher course.

Sign up for Breastfeeding Basics online or call 816.404.8260 to enroll.

Breastfeeding education

Lactation consultants at The Birthplace at Truman Medical Center Health Sciences District (TMC HSD) offer free, one-on-one prenatal breastfeeding education to moms planning to deliver at our hospital. In these sessions you'll learn about newborn feeding behaviors, positioning and latch techniques.

Breastfeeding moms who deliver at The Birthplace will receive a free manual breast pump. Please call 816.404.0474 for more information.

Inpatient breastfeeding consultations

When you deliver at a Truman Medical Centers/University Health, breastfeeding help is available day and night during your stay. Our nursing staff can assist you 24/7. Plus, we make it possible for your baby to room in with you, which can help pave the way for a smoother breastfeeding experience.

We also guarantee that every breastfeeding patient will receive at least one consultation with one of our highly trained lactation consultants before leaving the hospital. Our lactation consultants are available Monday through Saturday.

Outpatient consultations and breastfeeding support groups

Many moms have breastfeeding questions and face challenges after taking their baby home from the hospital. That's why we offer outpatient consultations and support groups after discharge.

  • The Terrific Moms Club at the Lakewood Family Birthplace provides education and support for breastfeeding moms. The group setting gives moms the opportunity to learn not only from a certified lactation consultant but also from each other.
    Register for the Terrific Moms Club
  • The Birthplace at TMC HSD hosts Baby Café for breastfeeding moms. Led by a certified lactation consultant, Baby Café gives moms the chance to bond with each other, share experiences and get the latest information from our knowledgeable staff. Moms will receive a free electric breast pump after their third Baby Café meeting.
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