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Program overview

The first 12 months of this 36-month program begin with building a foundational knowledge in the sciences. Academic knowledge is then integrated with clinical experiences during the last 24 months through completion of anesthesia courses, simulation and clinical training. Experienced anesthesia providers guide student learning in every setting. The low student-to-faculty ratio promotes student success in the clinical and classroom settings. Like clinical progression, doctoral coursework progresses throughout the program, culminating in a scholarly project. These exceptional experiences will prepare you in planning and managing general and regional anesthetic care for patients across their life span.


Students spend over 50 hours in simulation.The human patient simulator provides opportunities for students and clinicians to experience critical anesthesia events that infrequently occur in clinical practice. Our program is unique in that it includes a comprehensive course on anesthesia crisis resource management.

In addition to high-fidelity simulation, nurse anesthesia students use a variety of training modules to learn complex and invasive procedures, such as advanced airway devices, central lines, spinals, epidurals, peripheral nerve blocks, ultrasound and more.


The deadline for application admission is Aug. 15 proceeding the summer in which you would start your doctoral education. Links follow to the admissions and application checklist, with information on the process, detailed admission requirements and the application form and to the recommendation request forms.

The Admissions Committee will invite those applicants whom it considers to be capable of the greatest success in doctoral studies and the anesthesia program for interview. Academic achievement, evidence of sound physical and emotional health, ethical and moral character, and motivation to undertake serious study are essential for graduate school success. Average class size is 15 to 18 students.

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