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Carey Wickersham




Carey Wickersham is the author of the book, The Wonder Within You, Celebrating your baby's journey from conception to birth.

Donna Pitman




Donna is a journalist, wife and mother of enough children to possibly lose count: A stepson currently in Basic Training, a brilliant and kind 7 year old daughter training to be President, a 4 year old son with dimples, wit and charm for miles and a 2 year old son whose eyebrows hold a million sentiments and who - just like his "bigs" - holds his mother's heart.

Dori Hedden




My name is Dori Hedden, I am a wife to the love of my life, a stay at home mom to my 1.5 year old twin boys, and I run my own home business as a Norwex Consultant throughout the craziness of life.

Truman Medical Center played a huge role in the pregnancy with my boys. It was a very high risk pregnancy that led me to be admitted into the hospital at 26.5 weeks gestation. I then stayed at Truman on bed rest and continuous monitoring for the remainder of my pregnancy (a total of 10 weeks).

Haley Harrison




Haley Harrison anchors the news at 5 p.m. on KMBC-TV and 9 p.m. on KCWE-TV. In her 12-year career, Haley's worked in Lawrence, Kansas; Virginia; and Washington D.C. before coming to Kansas City. A proud mom to 4-year-old Caroline and 9-month-old Margot, Haley lives in Prairie Village with her husband and her girls.

Kristen Lenoir




Hi! My name is Kristen Lenoir. I'm a wife of 9 years and a mother to 3 amazing children (5 and 20 month old twins). I'm a KC native who enjoys exploring new restaurants and foods, all things art related and shopping. 

Mikita Burton




Mikita is a Lifestyle Blogger in Kansas City, who blogs about her 3 awesome kids, family fun, crafts, parenting, travel and her fitness journey. She has a slight coffee addiction, but that helps her keep up with her kiddos. When she's not blogging, she's working for the School District, watching her kids play sports, teaching yoga or at Fox 4 doing a TV segment.

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  • Bilirubin

    An orange-yellow substance in the body that is made when red blood cells breakdown (which is normal).  Bilirubin goes through your liver and your body gets rid of it through voiding and bowel movements and with sunlight converting it in the skin.  A Bilirubin test is a normal test given to newborns to check for Jaundice (see: Jaundice definition below) and is usually obtained after the first 24 hours of life or before leaving the hospital.

  • Comorbidity

    When a patient has two chronic diseases or conditions at the same time
  • Dermal Melanosis (Slate Gray Spot/Mongolian spot)

    A blue-grey mark on a newborn’s skin that is a common type of birthmark.
  • Erythema Toxicum (Normal Newborn Rash)

    A common benign rash in newborns that usually shows up 2 – 5 days after birth.
  • Gestational Diabetes

    A form of diabetes (high blood sugar) pregnant women can get
  • Heart Conditions (all of which can cause a murmur)

    • ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) – a birth defect that causes a hole in the wall between the hearts upper champers.
    • PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) – a hole in the heart that didn’t close the way it should after during birth. While the baby is still in the womb, a small flap-like opening (the foramen ovale) is usually found in the wall between the right and left upper chambers of the heart. It can close on its own immediately, up to 6 months of age.
    • VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) – a heart defect due to an abnormal connection between the lower chambers of the heart.
  • Heart Murmur

    An unusual sound heard between heartbeats. Can sometimes sound like a whooshing or swishing noise. Murmurs may be harmless, but may also be a sign of a more serious heart condition

  • Jaundice

    A liver condition that causes an increased level of Bilirubin in the blood.  Symptoms are yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. Jaundice normally can happen when the infant's liver is still maturing.  The young liver is slow to process bilirubin correctly.   Occasionally, when infant's blood type does not match the mother's, this can cause jaundice.  (See: Bilirubin definition below)

  • Missouri Newborn Screenings

    Missouri law requires all babies born in the state be screened for over 70 different disorders. While most screenings are done by collecting a small amount of blood from pricking the baby’s heel, there is also a newborn hearing screening and a heart disease screening. For more details about the newborn screenings, click here.

  • Preeclampsia

    A pregnancy complication in which the main symptom is high blood pressure, but other symptoms can include swelling of the hands and feet and protein found in the urine. Preeclampsia can also include signs of damage to other organs including the kidneys and liver. Preeclampsia usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in women whose blood pressure had been normal.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis (Cradle Cap)

    Crusty and white or yellow scales on baby’s scalp. Cradle cap can be a result of the scalp’s skin glands producing too much oil around the hair follicles.

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