Mother handed newborn after apgar score is taken

Apgar Score

The Apgar test is a quick test given to your newborn 1 minute after birth, and then again at 5 minutes after birth. It helps doctors and nurses determine your baby’s well-being by looking at 5 different areas. The test is not a pass or fail test, it just helps your team make decisions on how to best care for your newborn. Babies can score anywhere from 1 to 10, with most healthy babies averaging a score of 7 or 8.

Points Given for Apgar Score

Five Areas Evaluated 0 1 2
Heart Rate Absent Under 100 Greater than 100
Color Blue to pale Body pinking – feet and hands blue Pink
Breathing Absent Not Regular Crying/Good Rate
Muscle Tone Absent/Flaccid Some movement Active movement
Reflexes No response to stimulation Grimace Sneeze or cough – responds to stimulation

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