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You're pregnant! Now what?

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant we were flooded with so many emotions and couldn't wait for our first ultrasound. No one can really describe how incredible it is to hear your baby's heart beat for the first time, it is so surreal. I mean, you find out you are pregnant but you don't immediately start showing or even feeling all the other pregnancy symptoms so hearing your precious baby's heart beat for the first time makes the entire situation seem more "real," at least for me it did. After it started to really sink in that this isn't a dream but I actually have a tiny human growing inside of me…I actually at times was very scared. I was scared about miscarrying or finding out there is something wrong with our baby and they will have huge health issues. Aside from just taking care of yourself and eating healthy you don't have control over what is happening in your body. And that to me was TERRIFYING!

I am the type of person that enjoys writing out my thoughts and so I regularly journal my experiences throughout life. I often found myself writing on the topic of parenting. How are we going to raise these babies into respectable humans that contribute to society? I never thought too much on that until AFTER we were pregnant. It is scary to realize that you are literally responsible for a tiny human who is fully dependent on you not only for survival but for teaching everything. Even those life lessons that can be hard to learn.

I felt so accomplished making it through the first trimester with the morning sickness that lasted allllll daaaay long, and the exhaustion that knocked me off of your feet leaving me wishing that I could hibernate and sleep for actual months on end. Being pregnant is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Life is not always as we expect it to be. It can be stressful and throw curveballs. Just remember to take a slow deep breath and go one step at a time. We don't have control of every outcome but we do have control over how we will take on life's curveballs. Pregnancy really taught me to let go of the things I cannot control and just take life one step at a time. Every day I tell myself "today I choose joy and to put my trust in the Lord". Some days are much easier than others but regardless, life is much sweeter when you take a deep breath and choose a better attitude. You got this momma! And on days that you feel you don't…know that you are not alone! Never hesitate to call a friend or to reach out to someone to chat with!

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