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Tips for your first trimester

The pregnancy test is finally positive, all of your dreams are on the verge of coming true and you are probably grabbing every pregnancy book and downloading all the apps! As helpful as those things will be, here are a few things those apps and books probably won't tell you.

  1. Morning sickness. Sorry to tell you, it won't just be in the morning. It could literally be anytime or even all day.
  2. Food aversion is a thing. Foods you loved before, you won't be able to eat and things you've never eaten will taste so good. My advice, just go with it.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, you are not eating for two. Sounds great, but listen, over eating will just make that morning sickness thing worse and make it harder to find your way back to healthy eating after baby (more about that later in a future blog).
  4. Your feet might grow. It's a weird phenomenon and I truly thought it was just from swelling and that they would go back to normal, but nope! 3 kids and 2 shoe sizes up!
  5. Hair, so much hair. On the upside, you will shed less and those pre-natal vitamins give you a skin, nail and hair boost! On the downside, you may also get more hair on your arms or if you’re lucky, like me, you’ll also get awesome side burns too. Sigh...

These are just a few of the things that the books and apps won’t tell you, but that’s why I’m here. To tell all the new mommies the whole truth. Feel free to drop me a comment or ask me something you want to see in my next blog.

One last piece of advice for you mommies to be, stay off Google! No, really. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Google any symptoms you are experiencing. If you have a true concern contact your doctor. Searching online can send you down a rabbit hole of despair and that's just not healthy.

Until next month, sleep all you can! Soon your belly will be too big to get really comfortable.

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