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Hope and candy corn

I write this, we are heading into the fall of 2018. New TV shows. New school mates. New routines. New boots.

This is the third time I've entered my favorite season since our youngest son, Gabriel, was born.

It is painful to look back at where we were, emotionally, that first fall. Two-and-some-change years ago, we were trying to make shapes out of the life changing news Gabriel has a rare genetic disorder. We were trying to put those shapes into some sort of a puzzle or a mold to make sense of it all. But, it was like stacking slime.

The Bible tells us there is a season for all things. I will tell you that the actual calendar holds only a hint or suggestion or "spitball" of concepts compared to the many and actual seasons so many of us will experience. As hard as it has been, we have come out the other side having finally made sense of those shapes and with hope as we look forward.

Click here to read the blog post I wrote when my husband Cody and I decided to announce our struggles and strides on Facebook. But first, a brief update:

To channel our fear, Cody and I started a nonprofit called Gabriel's Gale: A Force to Fight Pompe. We continue to work to raise money and awareness for and of this rare disease. Most of all, we want to raise the hopes of people who are where we once were – in a paradoxical purgatory wherein we felt millions of emotions and, at the same time, no momentum in any which way.

I was recently asked to submit a family motto for an upcoming fundraiser for Rare KC, a local nonprofit that works with families living with rare diseases. We didn't have a motto, so I thought quickly and came up with this: "No single cure was born before millions of wishes for it came to life." We have wishes. We have hope.

Just this week, Gabriel has said many new words. Our 4 year old has made many new friends and has become a little protector to a younger boy on the playground. Our 7 year old has introduced me to new & somewhat questionable You Tube channels. And, it's only Thursday. We have more newness to enjoy than we do unknowns to fear.

Autumn is as much a rebirth as spring and I will take it with a side of candy corn every time.

Gabriel's Mama,
Donna Pitman

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