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Healthy Harvest Mobile Market

The Healthy Harvest Mobile Market is Truman Medical Centers/University Health's front-line approach to combat chronic disease through nutrition education and advocacy. This "classroom on wheels" delivers fresh, affordable healthy foods throughout Kansas City, Missouri, and eastern Jackson County. With a strong presence in area schools, the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market team also creates and facilitates interactive nutrition-focused lessons and activities to improve family diet and nutritional well-being.

The Healthy Harvest Mobile Market bus is accessible to people with disabilities and offers more resources for maintaining a healthy diet. Along with increasing opportunities to buy healthy foods, the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market team can help answer questions like: What are the best food and vegetables for people with diabetes? What are the best weight-loss friendly foods? What foods help reduce high blood pressure, prevent obesity and prevent strokes?

Shop for fresh fruits and healthy foods weekly as the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market bus travels near your Kansas City neighborhood. The Mobile Market bus will be at the Jackson County Courthouse, Don Bosco School of English, Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, Westport House, MCC-Penn Valley, Armour Corridor, Linwood YMCA, Fairmount Plaza and local schools on a weekly basis through spring, summer and early fall. See the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market schedule and route below.

To learn more, email or call 816.404.3320.