TMC WIC Clinic Locations

  • Lakewood Clinic 816.404.9740
    22nd Street Clinic 816.404.0650
    Independence Clinic 816.404.6460
    Grandview Clinic 816.404.6580
    Blue Springs Clinic 816.404.3650
  • Hawthorne Place 816.257.2335
    Operation Breakthrough 816.404.0650
    Hope Family Care Clinic 816.404.6580
    All WIC Locations   816.404.4WIC / 816.404.4942



WIC Program

  • WIC Program Overview

    WIC, which stands for Women, Infants and Children, is a federally funded Supplemental Nutrition Program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. TMC WIC helps pregnant women, new mothers and young children learn about nutrition, eating well and staying healthy.  TMC WIC provides eligible families with:  
    • Quality nutrition education and services
    • Breastfeeding promotion and support
    • A monthly food prescription (package)
    • Access to healthcare services

    For more WIC information, please call 816-404-4WIC / 816-404-4942 Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm or complete the short form below.


  • Eligibility

    You May Be Eligible If You Are:
    • A woman or teen who is pregnant or has had a baby less than six months ago
    • A woman or teen who is breastfeeding an infant less than one year of age
    • An infant
    • A child up to age five
    • Have nutritional risk
    • Meet Missouri WIC Income Guidelines
    • Are currently participating in SNAP (Food Stamps) and/or Medicaid

    For more information or to see if you qualify call 816-404-4WIC / 816-404-4942 or complete the short form below.


  • Food Packages

    All WIC foods are carefully selected because together they provide many of the nutrients that are needed to supplement the diets of women, infants and children.   These foods are low in fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol and high in fiber.  Each participant is assessed and a food package is provided based on individual needs and nutrient requirements.  WIC supports Breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant feeding, however if a mother is uncertain WIC nutrition staff is available to discuss other options. 

    For more WIC information, please call 816-404-4942 or visit this subpage to find a WIC grocery store near you.


  • Breastfeeding

    More than 75% of new mothers breastfeed for some length of time. TMC WIC supports breastfeeding as the preferred method for infant feeding and encourages all women to breastfeed their infants unless medically contraindicated. Lactation education, encouragement and support are provided to all prenatal and postpartum WIC participants.

    For more WIC information, please call 816-404-4942 or visit the breastfeeding subsection for the following resources:
    • Benefits of Breastfeeding
    • Breastfeeding Peer Program
    • Breastfeeding Resources
    • Breastfeeding Classes


  • Nutrition Education

    The TMC WIC Nutrition Professionals (Registered Dietitians or Nutritionists) provide individualized counseling to families, encourage development of healthy eating behaviors and assist with reaching wellness goals. Education and resources on prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, infant and toddler feeding and the prevention of overweight and obesity are offered to support lifestyle changes.

    For more WIC information, please call 816-404-4942 or visit the nutrition education subsection for the following resources:
    • My Food Plate and Pyramid for Preschoolers
    • Food and Fun for Families
    • WIC Friendly Recipes
    • Kids Activities and Games


  • FAQs

    Do you have a listing of other community resources available to me? 
    I’m moving but still in Missouri, what do I need to do?
    I’m moving out of State, what do I need to do?
    Do I have to have a scheduled appointment?

    For more WIC information, please call 816-404-4942 or visit the frequently asked questions section for answers to the above questions and more.


  • News & Events

    Visit our news and events section to find family nutrition events and opportunities around the Kansas City area.


  • Healthcare Providers

    Healthcare providers play a vital role in WIC. We appreciate referrals from healthcare providers and will work cooperatively with you to meet the needs of each individual referred to the TMC WIC program.

    WIC is federally required to obtain medical documentation for participants with a medical condition that requires the use of an exempt infant formula or medical food.


WIC Application


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