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It's news no one wants to hear. But if cancer should touch you or a loved one, you'll want to fight it by having the latest treatment options and most compassionate, highly trained professionals caring for you. Truman Medical Centers has these, and offers the following oncology services:

Oncology Clinic

The Oncology Clinic at Truman Medical Center provides patients with knowledgeable, personalized, compassionate care throughout their cancer experience.  The patients are seen by Registered Nurses who are specially trained in caring for oncology patients.  Two of these RN's are Oncology Certified Nurses. 

Services include: Staff physician and Fellow clinics throughout each week, chemotherapy, biotherapy and immunotherapy, blood and blood product transfusions, phlebotomy and bone marrow biopsies. 

The clinic RN's and clerical staff provides patients and families with emotional support as well as assisting them to get access to greatly needed resources.  One to one education and educational materials are continually provided from diagnosis through treatment and follow up. 

Clinic hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  For information, call



Inpatient Unit

The 4-Blue inpatient nursing unit (capacity 19 patients) provides comprehensive, quality, compassionate nursing care to oncology patients with acute, chronic and terminal diseases. The medical team uses a multidisciplinary approach -- our team of doctors brings together the medical specialists you need to plan and implement your care. Our cancer specialists also keep your primary care physician informed of your progress every step of the way. For more information call



Patient Navigator

Patient Navigator is a free service that can help you or your loved one through cancer diagnosis and treatment. Patient Navigator provides:

  • Emotional support and guidance
  • Volunteers to help patients “navigate” through cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Help with transportation and cell phones, for those who do not have home phones
  • Information on treatment, side effects of medication, hair loss and wigs, nutrition and more

 For more information about this program, call



Cancer Registry

TMC's Cancer Registry is responsible for collection, management, analysis and reporting of patients diagnosed with cancer, and is active with helping the Medical Centers maintain its certification with the Commission on Cancer.

Using special software, the registry collects demographic data, diagnostic and treatment information on more than 5,300 cases diagnosed since 1995. The registry also provides lifelong follow-up on a patient. The registry has maintained a 92 percent rate following 2,000 patients throughout the United States. Data housed in the registry is often requested by physicians and staff for use in research and administration for grant support.  For more information about the Cancer Registry, please call


Cancer Study - Cervical Cancer

Oncology Social Work Services

Oncology social workers specialize in helping patients and families who are facing a cancer diagnosis. These social workers are uniquely qualified to offer such interventions based on academic preparation, clinical experience, and specialized knowledge of the cancer experience. TMC provides a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in oncology to provide services to our cancer patients, both in the hospital and at home.

Patients and families facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, benefit from counseling interventions and a comprehensive evaluation of their psychosocial needs. Services provided to our patients/ families include psychosocial assessment of needs, supportive counseling to aid in the adjustment to illness, grief/ bereavement counseling, financial assistance, discharge planning, placements and information/ referral to community resources. For further information, please call





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