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Patient Navigator

A diagnosis of cancer greatly impacts one's life.  It affects how a patient feels about him or herself.  It can change relationships with friends and family. Plans for the future sometimes must be altered.  It can be a difficult and troubling time.

But anxieties can be eased through the caring, sensitive support from health care professionals at TMC Hospital Hill.

Our Patient Navigator program is a free service that can help you or your loved one through the emotional period of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Patient Navigator provides:

  • Emotional support and guidance;
  • Nurses to help patients "navigate" through cancer diagnosis and treatment;
  • Cellular phones for patients who do not have home telephones;
  • Help with transportation;
  • Child care while patients are at TMC Hospital Hill;
  • Information about financial assistance, treatment, side effects of medication, hair loss and wigs, nutrition, pain management; and
  • A connection to community resources.

Patient Navigator is funded by grants from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, American Cancer Society and Back in the Swing.

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