Sickle Cell

Sickle Cell

At Truman Medical Centers, our goal is to help patients with Sickle Cell Disease live life to the fullest.  

As the premier provider of sickle cell care in the region and Kansas City's only adult Sickle Cell Center, TMC Hospital Hill has long been at the forefront of improving lives of those living with the chronic challenges of sickle cell disease.  

We provide a healing environment, individual attention and a strong support system for our patients -- quality care unlike any other regional health provider.


Sickle Cell Disease


Sickle Cell Disease is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders.  Sickle red blood cells become hard, sticky, and shaped like sickles used to cut wheat.  When these hard and pointed red cells go through the small blood tube, they clog the flow and break apart.  This can cause pain and damage to organs such as the spleen or kidneys.  Sometimes people experience a prolonged period of pain -- called crises -- in which emergency department visits or hospitalization may be necessary.

The Healing Environment

At TMC's Sickle Cell Center, the aesthetically-pleasing treatment area with soft lighting and soothing colors creates a nurturing environment.  With a nurse right by each patient's side, comfort is our utmost concern.  During a crisis state, unlike an emergency department, the Center is able to treat our patients' pain more efficiently in a comfortable, quiet room, built to heal by design. 

Individual-Centered Care

Our team creates an individual treatment plan for each patient, including a holistic approach to encompass long-term goals.  The care is patient-centered and patient-focused, with complete attention on each patient's needs.  Our staff knows each individual's medical history so we are better able to treat each patient's pain accordingly to their needs. 

Patient-Centered Services

They include:  
  • Comprehensive medical inpatient and outpatient treatments,
  • Including annual exams, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, lab and x-ray evaluations, and pain management counseling
  • Patient waiting room and exam rooms decorated with color and light schemes that help stimulate healing and comfort
  • Prompt treatment during a crisis state
  • Individual treatment plans specific to patient's age and disease stage  

For more information about TMC's Sickle Cell Center, please call 816-404-5009.